About us

Innovative cloud solutions, brought to you by Mercantile

Mercantile Cloud Consulting has its roots set as far back as 1985, with its origin tied up with the Mercantile Group. The parent company has forayed into a wide range of office automation and IT businesses and found success in multiple verticals despite market ups and downs.

Mercantile has now set to venture into the cloud with Mercantile Cloud Consulting. We are committed to build a team of the best talent to deliver the best solutions to our clients and create value for them.

Mission and Vision

“To pioneer trust in technology for individuals, teams and organizations”

In an ever-changing technological terrain, our vision is to become a company that will cultivate culture, people, and process to inject trust in modern technologies by consistently delivering positive outcomes.

Core Values

Our core values will bring teams, partners, and collaborators to help us create a repeatable and scalable solution to build a trusted brand in cloud consulting. Such core values will empower us to achieve our vision and mission. In addition, they allow people within our organization to make good decisions independently and solve each challenge to deliver the best possible outcome.

Operating values that drive us:


Every company exists to create wealth, and so do we, but never at the expense of our employees or clients. We always strive to create a win-win situation as building longstanding relationships is what matters most to us.


Time is the only factor crucial to everyone and everything, so doing things timely shall always be in our genes.

Evolving and Pioneering
We keep up with the evolving technological landscape to deliver efficient and effective solutions oriented to lead the game.
Listening and learning from customers to understand their needs to help them easily solve pressing issues.
Confident Humility
We have spent time and effort to garner our domain expertise, but it doesn’t mean we are always right. Sometimes being right can be a subjective thing. We empathize and think from every perspective.
Agility for Result

Agile in every sense to produce result that matters from anytime, anywhere

Our Commitment to Develop ICT Industry Talent in Nepal for the world.

To deliver the best, we need the best, and for that best ecosystem should help those who wish to be. At a time when the world views the Asian region as a hub for IT talent, we have a bigger goal of positioning Nepal as a hub for honest, hardworking and topnotch talent. We might be a few steps behind our biggest neighbours, but talent is not a numbers game. Talent can come from anywhere, big or small. Our commitment is to build a pool of IT talent in Nepal capable of going head-to-head with some of the most prominent talent destinations in the world. Furthermore, we aim to equip our talent with all the resources needed to excel in multiple facets of modern technology.

What do we focus on:

  • Hiring tech talent from remote areas and not just core cities.
  • Be an equal opportunities employer.
  • Mentorship, training, and consultation from the Nepalese ICT Diaspora.
  • Paving paths for upcoming IT talents by embracing fresh talents.
  • Collaborate with the ICT ecosystem to create an environment for talent development.
  • To be a degree or academic background agnostic company.