Make your cloud journey effortless with our experts

Accelerate your business agility and growth with the latest and greatest in the cloud. Let our experts take care of all the complications and create a cloud strategy to fuel your organization's growth.

Why Cloud Consulting?

Cut down infrastructure spending, automate your processes and increase your business agility with a befitting cloud solution.

Unmatched scalability

Easily scale up or down to meet demand or cater to your growing business

Cost Savings & billing

Reduce network maintenance costs along with legitimate billing to show business expense

Operational efficiency

Reduce manual intervention and increase organizational agility

Application modernization

Continuously modernize your applications with industry-specific cloud services

Cloud Consulting with
Mercantile Cloud

At Mercantile Cloud Consulting, we understand that no two businesses are the same. We take time to understand your business and create tailor-made strategies and plans for your business requirements. In an ever-changing IT landscape, our experts stay on top of the current technologies.

Our team of expert business analysts, solution architects, and cloud consultants is here to make your cloud journey smooth. Wherever you are in your cloud journey, we can help.

What path are you on?

We offer cloud consulting services customized for your business, regardless of your current position on the cloud roadmap.

Not in the cloud at all

Want to see how your business can benefit by going cloud?

Just getting started

Cloud products and services can get complicated. Let us simplify it for you.

Already in the cloud?

See how you can leverage the new technologies to get the most out of your investment.

Our Cloud Consulting Services

Our cloud consultants have worked with over 200 companies to understand the nuances of the cloud and develop go-to-market strategies to derive the best out of the cloud for the businesses. Check out our cloud sub-services:

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Can your applications and data be moved to the cloud smoothly with minimal business disruption? Assess your cloud readiness with us.

Cloud Migration

Move your services, databases, resources, and application from inefficient legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud Framework Architecture Review

Does your current cloud architecture allow your business to scale as planned? Discuss it with our consultants.

Cloud Cost Optimization
Minimize your IT overheads by using various cost optimization tools and strategies. Calculate your potential savings.
Cloud Reselling/Billing

Legitimately pay for the cloud services and show expenses on your financial statement.

Why us?

Mercantile Cloud Consulting builds on 35 years of Mercantile brand legacy to put together a team of expert cloud consultants to meet any cloud requirements.

  • Our team is our strength
  • Our cloud consultants boast expertise in a wide-range of cloud services
Amik Kandel

Amik Kandel

Senior DevOps Engineer

Mercantile Consultancy

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Niranjan Udas


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