Secure DevSecOps services on-demand

Keep up with the rapidly changing needs of your business by availing DevSecOps services and resources on demand without compromising speed.

Why DevSecOps-as-a-service?

Adopting DevSecOps can lead to reduced development cycles, enhanced productivity, improved security and compliance, and cost savings and scalability for businesses.
Reduced development cycles

Use the most recent tech stack to develop and deploy new features rapidly

Enhance productivity

Avail DevSecOps advisory services, including BPM, architectural design, and ideal recommendations

Ensure security and compliance

Detect and resolve vulnerabilities early in the pipeline saving on time and cost

Cost savings and scalability

Avail DevSecOps services as and when needed as per business needs saving on full-time resource costs

DevSecOps-as-a-service with Mercantile Cloud

In 2021, the rise in cybercrime was anticipated to cost the world around $6 trillion.

Our DevSecOps talent at Mercantile Cloud consulting incorporates security as part of the process rather than an afterthought.

Avail DevSecOps resources on-demand to deliver projects with increased velocity and reduced deployment timelines, all while ensuring security automation.

What path are you on?

Our skilled consultants can collaborate with you to develop a cost-effective cloud migration plan, while working with you to create an optimal data strategy by analyzing your existing data architecture and recommending the appropriate course of action.

We need DevSecOps services to get started

We can provide DevSecOps service one time to kickstart your business.

We need DevSecOps resources on-demand

Our DevSecOps resources are on standby whenever you are in need.

I need round-the-clock DevSecOps resources

Utilize our DevSecOps resources to accelerate your production cycle

Our Data Management Services

Our DevSecOps professionals have years of experience, possess a complete skillset, and are proficient at helping companies adopt the modern security-based rapid production approach. Check out our DevSecOps-as-a-service offerings:


Shift your infrequently accessed data to low-cost cloud storage repositories to optimize costs.

DevSecOps Talent Augmentation

Access a talented pool of DevSecOps professionals to streamline your projects.

Why us?

Mercantile Cloud Consulting builds on 35 years of Mercantile brand legacy to put together a team of expert cloud consultants to meet any devsecops requirements.

  • Our team is our strength
  • Our cloud consultants boast expertise in a wide-range of cloud services
Amik Kandel

Amik Kandel

Senior DevOps Engineer

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Niranjan Udas


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