Augment your in-house cloud talent

Upskill your in-house talent to meet the pace of the ever-changing business landscape.

Why Cloud Talent Development?

Upskill your workforce to enhance employee competence, boost employer NPS, enable seamless collaboration on projects, and improve deliverable quality.
Constant role coverage

Ensure your employees have the skills necessary to fulfil critical roles

Increase employee satisfaction

Improve your employer NPS by constantly upskilling your workforce

Improved collaboration

Collaborate on projects more effectively by working closely with trained in-house talent

Quality improvement

Improve the quality of deliverables with proficient cloud talent

Cloud Talent Development with Mercantile Cloud

Cloud has emerged as one of the most important battlefields for tech talent. Despite exponential growth in the cloud computing marketspace, tech companies struggle to benefit from it since they aren’t equipped with the right talent.

Here at Mercantile Cloud Consulting, we have a team of experts on board who have worked on numerous cloud projects and acquired a wide range of skills to excel on the cloud.

Our team of expert business analysts, solution architects, and cloud consultants is here to assist you with any cloud talent development requirements. Wherever you are in your cloud talent development journey, we can help.

What path are you on?

Our skilled consultants can collaborate with you to develop a cost-effective cloud migration plan, while working with you to create an optimal data strategy by analyzing your existing data architecture and recommending the appropriate course of action.

We are just getting started

We can help you get started with hiring the right talent and training them

Our cloud talent needs upskilling

We can arrange for seminars, training sessions, orientations, and one-on-ones to upskill your talent

We want our employees to be the best

Our cloud experts can help your talent pool become the best by sharing the latest and greatest 

Our Cloud Talent Development Services

Our cloud consultants have conducted seminars and trained multiple upcoming cloud professionals to master the process of cloud talent development. Check out our cloud talent development sub-services:


Shift your infrequently accessed data to low-cost cloud storage repositories to optimize costs.

Team Orientation

Onboard your new employees to prepare them on their path to cloud mastery

Why us?

Mercantile Cloud Consulting builds on 35 years of Mercantile brand legacy to put together a team of expert cloud consultants to meet any cloud talent development needs.

  • Our team is our strength
  • Our cloud consultants boast expertise in a wide-range of cloud services
Amik Kandel

Amik Kandel

Senior DevOps Engineer

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Niranjan Udas


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