Data health, validity, and access for your rapidly evolving business

Effectively manage your data in the cloud. Eliminate data silos, simplify operations, and extract value from a centralized point for a hybrid environment.

Why Data Management?

Ensure the health, validity, and accessibility of your data, as it forms the foundation for making informed decisions and driving growth.

Easy accessibility

Access your data anytime, anywhere and allow for better collaboration and data sharing

Cost reduction

Avoid the high cost of maintaining and recording archival or backup data

Unmatched scalability

Easily move data locations, add or reduce data storage based on your needs

Enhanced security

Get a piece of mind with near-perfect data uptime and disaster recovery capabilities

Data Management with
Mercantile Cloud

Multiple reports predict that more than 200 ZB of data will be stored in the cloud by 2025. Here at Mercantile Cloud Consulting, we analyze the data strategy and architecture adopted by your business and help you optimize your data costs and efficiency. Our team of expert business analysts, solution architects, and cloud consultants is here to assist you with any data management requirements. Wherever you are in your data management journey, we can help.

What path are you on?

Our skilled consultants can collaborate with you to develop a cost-effective cloud migration plan, while working with you to create an optimal data strategy by analyzing your existing data architecture and recommending the appropriate course of action.

We use completely local/physical data backup

Our consultants can show you how you can save costs by moving to the cloud.

Some of my data is in the cloud
Cloud products and services can get complicated. Let us simplify it for you.
We have unmanaged data in the cloud

Our experts can analyze your current data architecture and suggest a proper course of action

Our Data Management Services

Our cloud consultants have worked with over 200 companies to understand the nuances of application modernization and develop go-to-market strategies to augment your application performance. Check out our application modernization sub-services:

Archival Data

Shift your infrequently accessed data to low-cost cloud storage repositories to optimize costs.

Data Backup

Protect your business against data disruptions by ensuring adequate duplication and reliable recovery.

Data Cleaning

Does your current cloud architecture allow your business to scale as planned? Discuss it with our consultants.

Why us?

Mercantile Cloud Consulting builds on 35 years of Mercantile brand legacy to put together a team of expert cloud consultants to meet any data management requirements.

  • Our team is our strength
  • Our cloud consultants boast expertise in a wide-range of cloud services
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Amik Kandel

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Niranjan Udas


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